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FNQ Nature Tours - 3 Day Birding Tour (Private Tour)

Rate Option Adults Children Infants Families Extras
FNQ Nature Tours - 3 Day Birding Tour (Private Tour - 2 pax) $4,620.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
FNQ Nature Tours - 3 Day Birding Tour (Private Tour - 4 pax)) $5,340.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
FNQ Nature Tours - 3 Day Birding Tour (Private Tour - 6 pax) $6,060.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Rates are valid until 31st March 2022.

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This unqiue private guided 3 day accommodated tour is perfect for nature lovers, especially those whom have an interest in bird watching!  No other company offers this customised and comprehensive itinerary, that encompasses our entire local region from the ancient rainforests of the Daintree National Park,  through to the outback scenery of Julatten, Mitchel Rivers Headwaters and the lush highlands of the Atherton Tablelands.  Tour also includes lodge style accommodation and local birding experts.  Join the team at FNQ Nature Tours while we cover a vast variety of stunning birding hotspots in Far North Queensland.



B - Breakfast / L - Lunch / D - Dinner

Pre-Tour Night in Daintree Village (optional - price on application)

Our team will collect you and your crew from the Cairns Airport and begin travel to the Daintree Village, for overnight accommodation at Red Mill House.

Day 1 - The Daintree Rainforest (B-L-D)

This is one of the best examples of a tropical river with a rainforest growing right to the water's edge, which provides for some great birding. The river is most famous for the great-billed heron and little kingfisher. The heron, one of the world's largest birds, was always a ‘phantom' bird for birdwatchers. Twenty years ago, it was rarely seen. Once birding tours commenced on the river, exploring the small rainforest and mangrove creeks that ran from it, the bird was seen more regularly. Even now, however, it remains elusive and can melt into the shadows of the rainforest or mangroves right before your eyes.

EXAMPLE DAY 1 ITINERARY (times subject to the optional pre-tour add in the Daintree Village the day before on or not)

6.30am River Cruise w/ Local Birding Expert and River Guide, Murray Hunt Dawn cruises provide the best conditions for those wishing to see the river at its most stunning, as well as the greatest chance to see some of the most sought-after birds of the river. Referred to in many ‘birding' reference books, this famous cruise has been in operation for more than 20 years. Key target species include Great-billed Heron, Papuan Frogmouth, Little Kingfisher, Azure Kingfisher, Black Bittern, Saltwater Crocodile, Green Tree Snake, Water Dragon and butterflies.

0900 Breakfast at Crocxpress Café A local café by the Daintree River will be providing our breakfast. With the flowing trees surrounding the village, there can be many bird calls heard around the café and nearby forest.

1130 Cape Tribulation A trip to the Daintree is not complete without visiting the famous beach where the "Rainforest meets the reef". Several mangrove and rainforest walks are available to allow us the maximum opportunity to observe birds such as the iconic Southern Cassowary, Leaden flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Boatbill, Pied Monarch, Pale-yellow Robin and Little Shrike Thrush. Lunch catered for at Turtle Rock Café - Cape Tribulation

1530 Daintree Discovery Centre The Discovery Centre offers a wonderful and unique way of accessing the higher rainforest canopy via their Aerial Walkway. The Aerial Walkway allows unprecedented access to the mid-level rainforest and offers stunning views over McLean's Creek. At an impressive 11m High, This Daintree Rainforest Skywalk is rated as one of the Top Ten Skywalks in the Country By Australian Geographic!
Overnight stay at Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge (Dinner at Highlander Tavern)


DAY 2 - Julatten to Atherton (B-L-D)

0630 Julatten and Birding Lodge
Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge is an internationally renowned, privately owned, sanctuary which offers accommodation and guiding to bird-watchers and nature lovers The Lodge is a Land for Wildlife sanctuary with good populations of birds, mammals, reptiles and plants. Around 230 bird species have been recorded within a 1½ km radius of the Lodge and its grounds and all of the 13 Wet Tropics endemic birds can be found within a 15km travel distance Favoured Seasonal Endemics - Blue-faced Parrot Finch and Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher (Dec-Feb)

1200 Highlander Tavern Lunch A chance to enjoy a beer or wine with lunch to celebrate the day's findings!

1400 Mitchel River Headwaters The river's waters ‘pulse' annually with monsoonal rains, seasonally collecting water from across the local tropical rainforests in the highlands to the east; the wet sclerophyll forests in the central uplands; a variety of woodlands plus savannah in the western plains; annually flooding with freshwater, the tidal plains, wetlands, estuaries, and mangroves of the lower Mitchell and Coastal Plains. The magnitude of Eco tones in the region allows great birding opportunities. This includes wading birds, mangrove species, kingfishers and raptors.

1700 Arrive in Yungaburra Settling in for the evening in the famous historical town of Yungaburra, another huge destination for observing the regions birdlife. Dinner at Nick's restaurant by Peterson Creek.
Accommodation at Crater Lakes Rainforest Cottages


DAY 3 - Atherton to Cairns (B-L)

0730 Birding with Alan Gillanders Furthering our nature and birding interactions on the Tablelands, we meet with local naturalist Alan Gillanders. Alan's a local Tablelander who grew up on Western Cape York Peninsula. His interest in natural history has been lifelong. Join Alan for the morning to enjoy some bird watching, Tree Kangaroo observation and other wildlife spotting around Malanda and the Tablelands. Local endemics include the Lesser Sooty Owl, Australian Fernwren, Atherton Scrubwren, Mountain Thornbill, Macleay's Honeyeater, Bridled Honeyeater, Grey-headed Robin, Chowchilla, Bower's Shrike-thrush, Pied Monarch, Victoria's Riflebird, Tooth-billed Bowerbird and Golden Bowerbird

1130 Lunch at Lake Barrine A short drive from Yunaburra takes us to the cool atmosphere of the Atherton Tablelands, where you will come across a beautiful, enchanting natural lake hidden in World Heritage Rainforest. Lake Barrine is something special as it is actually a water filled crater left by a volcanic eruption approximately 10,000 years ago.

1330 Cathedral Fig Tree This Strangler Fig is an 800 year old relic of the flora kingdom. Learn about the intricate life story of the giant fig while enjoying a chorus of calls. Over 120 birds can be found and heard in the area just a short walk from the car park. Tooth-billed bowerbirds, Eastern Whipbirds and Spotted Catbirds are quite regular here!

1730 Arrive in Cairns City We highly recommend spending the afternoon on the Cairns Esplanade. With over 250 birds sighted throughout a calendar year, you're sure to tick off a few lifers before leaving this beautiful city!

(optional) Suggested to add on day 4 - Reef Tour with Seastar Cruises - $215pp

Seastar Cruises travels daily to Michaelmas Cay and Hastings Reef catering for a small group of 36passengers. Michaelmas Cay is a one of the best cays in North Queensland for Frigatebirds, Boobies, Terns and Noddies. The reef day is 8am till 4.15pm.  Please enquire if you wish to add this to your booking.  Information link below:

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