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Cooktown is one of Queensland's hidden gems and is one of Australia's most historically significant townships. Cooktown is the location where Captain James Cook spent almost seven weeks repairing his vessel, the HM Bark Endeavour. Cooktown is also home to an abundance of Aboriginal legends, history, discoveries and interactions dating back to 1770.

Today Cooktown has a population of 2,000, and the town is growing again as word spreads of its beautiful location and the friendliness of its people. With the completion of the Mulligan Highway in 2006, the town is now easily accessible by road and air, yet its remote location, stunning landscapes and laid-back lifestyle give it a distinctly frontier feel - the very essence of Australia!

You can visit Cooktown on a 1, 2 or 3 day organised tour. Or you can choose to do an extended Cape York Tour that incorporates an overnight stay in Cooktown - if interested please visit our Cape York listings.

1 Day Cooktown 4WD Tour

Cooktown is one of Australia's must do destinations, a town rich with the history of the James Cook landing. This company is locally owned and operates a 4WD tour from Cairns and Port Douglas to Cooktown via Cape Tribulation through the heart of the World Heritage Listed Daintree National Park, returning via the Mulligan Highway on the inland road, which is part of Far North Queenslands outback. History and botany enthusiasts will enjoy the adventure of getting off the beaten track to see the rainforest and outback.

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Adventure North - 1 Day Cooktown 4WD Tour

Rates from: $295

Cooktown is one of Australia's most exciting new destinations and truly one of Australia's great last frontiers between "outback" and modern Australia. Locally owned and operated, Adventure North Australia operate 4WD tours from Cairns and Port Douglas to Cooktown via Cape Tribulation through the heart of the World Heritage Listed Daintree National Park, returning via the Mulligan Highway on the inland road, which is the Outback of Far North Queensland. If you enjoy history, botany, adventure, getting off the beaten track, seeing the rainforest and the outback, or 4 wheel driving then this is the trip for you.  Adventure North also offer a 1 Day Drive / Fly Tour to Cooktown.

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Adventure North - 2 Day Cooktown 4WD Tour

Rates from: $460

Departs Mondays & Thursdays

Travel from Cairns to Cooktown on this 2 Day / 1 Night Cooktown Explorer 4WD Tour. Travel along one of Australia's most scenic coastal drives from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. Your journey will then continue on the 4WD only Bloomfield track and witness some of the most incredible scenery and rugged terrain. You will have plenty of free time to explore Cooktown before returning to Cairns. Accommodation is included at your choice of the Seaview Motel or the Sovereign Resort.

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Adventure North - 3 Day Cooktown and Cape Tribulation Wanderer Tour

Rates from: $859

Departs Sundays and Wednesdays Only

This tour package is designed for the independant traveller who wants free time to explore and relax in Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.  Accommodation and key highlights are included, but most meals are at your own expense.

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Discovery Tours - 3 Day Cooktown and Daintree 4WD Tour

Rates from: $1450

This very small group tour takes you on an exclusive guided 4WD tour to the Daintree National Park, Cooktown, and the Atherton Tablelands with everything taken care of for you.  Quality tour guide, accommodation and meals are included. This tour ticks all the boxes in terms of showing people the best of Far North Queensland! Visit Cooktown and its many surrounding attractions as you learn about this truly amazing ancient area of the world from our very experienced local Naturalist Guide.

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Tailored Charter Flights

The most unique ways to see remote parts of our fantastic regions is by various small light aircraft that can capacity 3 passengers, 6 passengers and 9 passengers each.

If you want to visit areas that would normally take two, three or more days they can all be reduced to a day tour if all conditions are met. These conditions include minimum numbers of passengers, weather permitting, pilot and aircraft availability as well as tours and/or accommodation availablity at your location of choice.

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