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CT - Kuranda, Train and Skyrail Self Drive Package

Rate Option Adults Children Infants Families Extras
A1SD - 8.50am train / 12.45pm skyrail $115.00 $58.00 N/A $289.00 N/A
A1SD - 8.50am train / 1.45pm skyrail $115.00 $58.00 N/A $289.00 N/A
A1SD - 9.50am train / 1.30pm skyrail $115.00 $58.00 N/A $289.00 N/A
A1SD - 9.50am train / 2.30pm skyrail $115.00 $58.00 N/A $289.00 N/A

Includes: Shuttle bus transfer from Skyrail to Freshwater Train Station, Train ticket and Skyrail ticket.

Children: Aged 4-14 years.

Family Rate: 2 adults and 2 children.

Please advise the times you would like or we auto choose the later train with 3 hours of free time in the village. See chart of times in description.

Please advise if you would like to UPGRADE to Gold Class and/or Diamond View.

Rates are valid until 31st March 2019.

Prices are shown in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices subject to change without notice.

For customers who have their own car yet still want to enjoy the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway as well as the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and want a flexible day, this is the combination for you. In the morning you will drive to Skyrail and park your car.  A shuttle bus will then transfer you to Freshwater Station for the Kuranda Scenic Train.  You will travel to Kuranda via the train and enjoy your pre selected free time to explore the village.  You then depart Kuranda via the Skyrail to come down.  The end point of the Skyrail journey finishes at the same place your car is parked.

1. Park at Skyrail Car park at 7.50 am for the 8.50 train departure morning transfer. Or at 09.10am for the 9.50am train morning transfer (it is free all day parking) and wait at the one bus shelter there. There are many buses that use this shelter, you don't need to approach them all, the driver will call your name. The shuttle bus will pick you up to take you to the Freshwater train station.

2. At Freshwater station the driver will complete your train check in and assist you to board on for the 8.50am or 9.50am train departure. You will enjoy 1.5 hours of amazingly beautiful rainforest scenery and great historic commentary from a heritage train carriage.

The only way to improve on this journey is to upgrade to the indulgent Gold Class carriage (at an additional charge and only on the 9.50am departure) where you share the journey with only about 20 other passengers, get much more comfortable seating, your own waiter, all you can eat finger food (sweet and savory), all you can drink bear, wine, soft drinks, tea, coffee and water. The best part is being queued for the pending photo opportunities around the corner.

3. Enjoy free time in Kuranda rainforest village. The village has three markets, plus a Butterfly Sanctuary, Bird world and Koala Gardens. There are many local arts and crafts, cafes and restaurants. The markets trade 7 days per week and they put on extravaganzas annually for Easter, Anzac Day, Kuranda Day, a Motorcycle Show and Christmas.  Free time can either be 2 hours or 3.5 hours subject to which Skyrail time you book.

4. Boarding the unique Skyrail Gondola - to make your way down from the top of the mountain to head back to base. The scenery is 360 degrees but if you choose the Diamond view gondola (at an additional charge) to view through the clear floor base or go ‘open air' in their Glider carriage with your own personal guide (at an additional charge).
There are two opportunities each 15 minutes approximately to disembark the gondola and walk through the rainforest at each viewing station. A personalized indigenous guided tour can be arranged with prior booking at either station (at an additional charge).

5. At the base of Skyrail you arrive to where you car is parked approximately 1.5 hours after you boarded. Although the actual journy is only 50 minutes we allow 1.5 hours for photos and viewing from each of the two Skyrail station.



Approximate Pick Up

Train Up

Village Time

Skyrail Down

Time to Base




2 Hours






3 Hours






2 Hours






3 Hours








Note: You can do this in reverse e.g. skyrail up and train down with later departure, please inquire about times.

Upgrade to Gold Class Train - please inquire for prices

There is an additional charge if you choose to indulge in travelling in the Gold Class carriage on the train, which is only available on the  0950 train from Freshwater Station. This entitles you to a private carriage with approximately 20 passengers only, with nibbles and drinks provided. The seating is leather appointed and a lot more comfortable with couple's pods available. The waiter or waitress on the day is able to queue you for perfect photo opportunities to make the experience even grander.

Upgrade to Diamond View Skyrail - please inquire for prices

Be amazed by the unique viewing perspective of Skyrail's glass floor Diamond View Gondalas.  Enjoy the view looking straight down from the treetops to the forest floor below.



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