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Reef & Islands Tours

Exclusive Boat Charters - 7 listings

Want to experience the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world's natural wonders, in exclusive privacy? Then sole chartering a vessel is the answer for you. Custom designed vessels will get you to the reef in comfort, where you can dive, snorkel and explore the sandy cays or Outer Reef in splendid isolation. We have a variety of charter boats ranging from sailing vessels, motor vessels and live aboard vessels departing either Cairns or Port Douglas. We also have luxury vessels to suit VIP guests and the high end market.

We also have dedicated fishing charter boats available. Reef fishing charters will allow you to chase catches such as Red Emperor and Coral Trout, or light and heavy tackle fishing on-board a Game Fishing Charter Boat for species such as Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin.

Private exclusive charters provide the ultimate reef or fishing experience. Please contact us today with your preferences and requirements so we can help you choose and book the most appropriate boat charter for your group.

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Reef Day Trips - Cairns - 32 listings

Many visitors to Cairns are overwhelmed with the number of operators who visit The Great Barrier Reef.

There are some boats that visit the Inner Reef or Sandy Cays. A sandy cay in all simplicity is the early stages of an island. Although they are not considered quality dive sites, they do provide an easy introduction to the Reef without entering 'deep water'.

Going beyond the sandy cays you will visit Outer Reef sites, which provide the best quality coral viewing. These tours are great for the enthusiastic snorkeler or diver. Most boats will visit 2 Outer Reef sites during the day with guests snorkelling and diving directly from the boat. The difference in prices are due to the speed of the boat, time spent in the water, number of sites the company is licensed to visit and number of passengers on board the boat.

Boats that travel out to Pontoons are a great Cairns family reef tour option, as they provide facilities and activities for all age groups and abilities; there will be options for glass bottom boats, semi-submersible boats, underwater observatories, little kids swimming enclosures and of course offer great snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Please feel free to contact us for local, friendly and honest advice in helping you to choose the most suitable Cairns Reef Tour.

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Cairns Dive Courses - 8 listings

There is nothing quite like learning to dive on the Great Barrier Reef! Explore coral bombies, be amazed by the abundant marine life, cruise with nemo and observe stingrays, reef sharks and sea turtles.

Choose from a wide variety of Internationally accredited PADI dive courses. Instructors will show you how to dive safely, building your confidence, before taking you to the wonders of the reef. Cairns Dive Courses range from 3, 4 and 5 Day Open Water Courses, some with liveaboard options where you can sleep at the reef and also experience a night dive.

If you already have a dive certification you can upgrade your skills and complete a Cairns PADI Advanced Dive Course or Rescue Diver Course. You also have the option to complete a Divemaster Course for those who are seeking to gain a commercial qualification to start your Diving Career. Please enquire with us for more information.

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Cairns Island Tours - 18 listings

There are daily tours operating to the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, including Green Island, Fitzroy Island and the Frankland Islands. Our Islands are a great family tour option, kids and adults alike will enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the sheltered waters, playing on the beautiful beaches and exploring the Islands rainforest.

Professional operators provide safe, environmentally friendly service with many different activities on offer. Our Islands are also great options for couples, the elderly, non swimmers, and those that just want to relax on a beautiful tropical Island.

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Live aboard diving/snorkelling - 18 listings

There is so much to see on the Great Barrier Reef that you may want to stay at the reef overnight instead of just one day. Imagine watching the sun set and sun rise over the Great Barrier Reef, an experience of a lifetime.

Spending 1 or 2 nights at the Great Barrier Reef will allow you to dive, snorkel and explore a variety of local Cairns outer reef sites. Most of Cairns' overnight reef tours use a daily transfer boat to take guests between Cairns and the liveaboard boat (which is permanently based at the reef). This allows them to offer flexible itineraries from overnight trips to multi-night trips. For a more personal option, ProDive offers a 3 days/2 night tour where all guests board the liveaboard vessel from Cairns and stay together for the duration of the dive and snorkel tour.

There is also two different overnight sailing trips. These tours are great for travelers who have a love of sailing, want to sleep at the reef, and prefer a small intimate group size of 12-16 passengers.

The best diving our region has to offer is on the Northern Ribbon Reefs, the famous Cod Cole and the Coral Sea. To visit these reef sites you need to travel on an extended liveaboard tour for 3-7 nights. Luxury dive vessels such as Spirit of Freedom include a one way scenic flight transfer between Cairns and Lizard Island, the most amazing diving opportunities in a remote location with pristine reef, and even offer the experience of shark diving at Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

With so many live aboard dive and snorkel trips operating out of Cairns, it can be hard to decide. Please enquire if you want honest local advice in helping you to choose the most suitable overnight or extended live aboard reef trip.

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Reef/Island Trips - Port Douglas - 17 listings

Port Douglas has a variety of reef day tours on offer. Low Isles is an island fairly close to the mainland and provides beach and great snorkelling opportunities. This is a great option for families with young children or those that do not want to spend the day on a boat at the Outer Reef.

For those who want to visit the best of the reef, then heading out into the Outer Barrier Reef will provide you with great quality coral, marine life, snorkelling and diving. You can enjoy up to 5 hours at the reef visiting 3 different reef sites.

The Agincourt Ribbon Reefs are very popular and many travelers come to Port Douglas to specifically dive and snorkel this location. If you are traveling with young children or the elderly then perhaps a pontoon trip like Quicksilver would be most suitable. A pontoon is a multi-level reef activity platform moored permanently at the Outer Great Barrier Reef which provides a spacious, stable base to enjoy a wide range of reef activities in all weather conditions.

Please contact us for local and honest advice in helping you to choose the most suitable Port Douglas Reef Tour.

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Sunset Cruising & Sailing - 3 listings

Enjoy a couple of hours any time of the year watching the sun go down over the Great Barrier Reef. Either on a motor vessel from Cairns or from one of the two sailing vessels that depart from Port Douglas. These short trips provide excellent photo opportunities.

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Reef & Rainforest Packages - 13 listings

The two most popular activities to do whilst holidaying in Cairns, is to visit the Reef and the Rainforest. We have put together a variety of packages that offer great value for money. Please contact us for more information.

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Coral Spawning Tours - 2 listings

Coral Spawning is an annual nocturnal phenomenon that creates the most amazing underwater show not to be missed. Coral Spawning occurs only a few nights every year, when many coral colonies simultaneously release egg and sperm bundles for external fertilization. Visitors from all over the world come to experience and watch the miracle of this life cycle, often described as an upside down snowstorm as the water fills with brightly coloured micro polyps.

There are a few indicators that assist scientists in the difficult task of predicting when coral spawning may occur each year, although the exact dates can never be guaranteed - it is all up to mother nature. Contributing factors are that the oceans temperature needs to be 26 degrees Celsius or above for the month before, allowing the sperm and eggs to mature. Secondly, they will generally spawn 4 to 7 nights after the full moon in late spring/early summer when there is little tidal movement. Thirdly, it will usually be about 2-3 hours after the sun sets, as most of the plankton feeders will be asleep and it allows the fertilized eggs to settle back down to the relative safety of the reef.

To catch this unique natural wonder of coral spawning, you need patience and just a little bit of luck.

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Cape Tribulation Reef Tours - 1 listings

Cape Tribulation is a unique and untouched part of the Great Barrier Reef. Being located 3 hours north of Cairns the region has less visitors than the Cairns and Port Douglas reefs. There are very few reef tour operators thus the sites are pristine and travel time is less.

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