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What is e-Path

ecommerce payment gateway by e-Path

This website payment page utilises the e-Path credit card payment gateway to accept credit card charge authorisations from its online customers.

When paying by credit card online via e-Path you are utilising a new generation payment gateway engineered from the ground up to remove much of the vulnerability and risk that has plagued the online e-commerce industry since it first started.

Without permanently storing your credit card, transaction or identity details within its systems, e-Path achieves a level of security that is unmatched within the online card handling industry. Quite possibly your credit card details have never before been so secure.

Credit Card Non Storage Practice for E-Path Orders

Cairns Tourist Information Centre accepts credit card payments for online store purchases on this website. Cairns Tourist Information Centre utilise the e-Path credit card payment gateway to facilitate the accepting of your credit card charge authorisation online.

There is NO permanent storing of your credit card data or transaction history online with either e-Path or Cairns Tourist Information Centre.

Once Cairns Tourist Information Centre is in receipt of your credit card charge authorisation, as far as the internet is concerned it is as if the transaction never occurred.

Nothing exists in any database on any web-server pertaining to your credit card numbers or details of your transaction. No names, no credit card numbers, no credit card expiry dates, no amounts, nothing is permanently stored online.

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