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Common Tour Booking Mistakes

4th December 2019


In our decades of selling tours and accommodation there are some classic mistakes we have seen as local booking agents. Applicable to those who book directly online after 'doing their own research', or a friend told them 'this is the best tour' (what are they comparing it to?). Or booking through an agent who has no first hand knowledge of our region, weather or the reef. Or, not adding in options to streamline their itinerary, and much more.  If you would like to meet our team of local tour sales agents, please visit our Staff Profile page -


How to avoid the following mistakes? Ask us.

How to save money? Ask us.

How to know the difference between and trip and a tour? Ask us.

How to book the right tours and accommodation? Through us.


Choosing Tours to the Great Barrier Reef Trip:

Often we see divers on snorkelling boats, and vice versa, snorkellers put onto diving boats. Or families on a backpacker party boat. Or, if travelling the east coast putting their focus into the wrong region for their Great Barrier Reef Tour choice. There is a vast difference to viewing the reef from the Whitsundays/Airlie Beach compared to Cairns/Port Douglas or beyond. PLUS our recommendations change according to weather, seasons and budget. 


Choosing the right Kuranda  with Train and Skyrail Trip: 

Kuranda is a 'trip' day, NOT a 'tour' day. Especially in peak season all components need to be prebooked. They don't take walk in people on busy days. When cruise ships visit this is their number 1 activity. Online booking errors include booking return transfers when you may not need them depending on if you have a car or where you are staying. Not booking transfers when you may need them. Not enough time allocated to seeing the village. Not adding on the right optional extras to this day. Or adding on extras that have similar components to other tours you may have booked.


Choosing the right Daintree National Park/Cape Tribulation Tour:

These are all guided tours, some have lunch inclusions, some do not. Some have a little or a lot of aboriginal cultural awareness. Some have 14 passengers some have 40. When in the forest single file on the pathway, if you are at the back of a long line, you can not hear what the guide is saying about all the plants and animals. Would you have chosen to stay the night in a rainforest cabin if you knew you had the choice? 


Tours south of Cairns:

Some have all waterfalls and nature stops, some include the mini Spanish Castle known as Paronella Park, some depart at lunch time to view the castle by day and night. Some tours have a focus on night animal spotting so you can see our noctural wildlife get active in the dark. 


Action and Adventure Options:

Did you know we have the only Bungy Jumping tower in Australia? We have the best white water rafting conditions in Australia, we have canyoning tours and nature hikes for the fit people to satisfy their desire to remain active whilst on holidays. 


Planning Your Itinerary:

We have seen too many badly planned itineraries that have resulted in both loss of time and loss of money. All of our customers have appreciated a second opinion from us and are impressed with our suggestions of changes to itinerary to save them money and time. As well getting to see more of the region to make the most of their time here. Once they realise we are very experienced at what we do they are all happy to book through us.



The most common mistake is booking inappropriate accommodation either based on facilities, price or location. Important to know is when people divide their stay between Cairns and Port Douglas, many tour companies do not pick up from Port Douglas, so it is important to know what you want to do whilst here, before booking your accommodation dates. It is also important to know whether to stay in Port Douglas first and Cairns last or vice versa based on your flight times. 

During wet season, when our region is subject to localised flooding and road access is compromised. We normally make recommendations to minimise the risk of not making it to the airport on time.

Also, tour companies DO NOT pick up from AirBNB properties. Someties you may need to walk a fair distance to reach a designated pick up location. If you have to taxi or uber to get food supplies and meet at tour pick up locations, have you realy saved any money by booking an Air BNB slightly out of town?



Our advanced local knowledge and staff experience will support you in booking the right tours and accommodation with the most streamlined itinerary. Let us know your needs and we will respond within 24 hours.

To answer your inquiry we need to know arrival and departure dates and times, how many people and their ages, if you are renting a car or not, and what type of accommodation you would like, where, and your accommodation budget. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.  


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